Friday April 19, 2019________WICUDA-USA, Convention 2017: Dallas DATE: July 21-23


Motto: ‘Abi yu Ngirr’ – Unity is Strength


We, Wimbum (people of the Mbum region of Donga-Mantung Division, in the Republic of Cameroon) conscious of the need to promote the socioeconomic, political, and cultural development of Mbum, and willing to foster the spirit of unity, loyalty and solidarity among Wimbum do hereby establish the Wimbum Cultural and Development Association in the United States of America (WICUDA-USA). We adopt these rules and regulations to guide the conduct of the WICUDA-USA members in carrying out the mission and objectives of the association. We shall be a non-profit, non-governmental, charitable, and apolitical organization.


The purpose of this constitution is to enable members of WICUDA-USA to manage the organization smoothly, effectively, and with fairness to all. The constitution is intended to provide a structure to enhance unity among Wimbum, build a strong Wimbum community in the United States and throughout the world, as well as develop Mbum land, reassert, preserve and promote Wimbum culture, and cultivate discipline and respect for the association and its members.


















A. General Provisions:

B. Guidelines:


A. Composition.

B. Terms.

C. Selection of non-NEC members of the Board of Trustees. 9

D. Duties.


A. Composition of the NEC..

B. Functions of the NEC..

C. Vacancy in the NEC..

D. NEC Meetings.


1. Chairperson.

2. Vice Chairperson.

3. Secretary General

4. Assistant Secretary General

5. Treasurer

6. Publicity Secretary.

7. Social and Cultural Secretary.

8. Financial Secretary.




The Membership committee, which shall represent the core of the growth of WICUDA-USA shall:

SECTION VIII: Convention/Fundraising Committee.

This Committee shall:

SECTION IX: Socio-Cultural Committee.

This committee shall:

SECTION X: Constitution Committee.

The Constitution committee shall:

SECTION XI: Nominations and Elections Committee.

The Nominations and Elections Committee shall:

SECTION XII: Ad hoc Committees.

These shall:


A. General Provisions.
















First Amendment Constitution Review Committee:

Second Amendment Constitution Review Committee:

Third Amendment Constitution Review Committee:



The name of the organization shall be

Wimbum Cultural and Development Association, USA and the acronym shall be WICUDA-USA.


The motto of the organization shall be: Abi yu ngirr (Unity is strength).


  1. The Gong shall be the symbol of unity and dedication.
  2. The Nkeng (peace plant) shall represent fairness, justice, equality, fraternity and a sense of belonging.
  3. The name of the organization and its motto shall be inscribed into the emblem in circles surrounding the gong and the peace plant  in both  English and Limbum


The objectives of  WICUDA-USA include the following:

  1. Cultivate and instill in members the values such as charity, responsibility, dedication, integrity, respect, honesty, and hard work.
  1. ii.            Support and trigger self help development initiatives  as well as enhance the private enterprise sector in Mbum land
  2. iv.            Support and assist members in times of need.
  3. v.            Work with other associations to establish quality health care institutions in Mbum land.
  4. vi.            Preserve, protect, and promote the rich culture and traditions of Wimbum.
    1. i.            Full membership of WICUDA-USA shall be open to both males and females 16 years or older and Wimbum by birth, adoption, or marriage.
  5. ii.            Associate membership is open to all persons who agree with and support the objectives of WICUDA-USA and can abide by its rules.
  6. iii.            Associate member-candidates shall be considered Provisional members until their candidature is voted upon at the General Membership Meeting , hereafter referred to as the GMM
  7. iv.            Affiliate membership is open to organizations that agree with and support the objectives of WI CUDA-USA.
  8. v.            All members must be current with the dues for their membership category. Provisional members will be exempt from dues until action is taken on their application at the General Membership Meeting.
  9. i.            Except otherwise mentioned, all members of WICUDA-USA shall have the right to participate in activities
  1. Develop and extend networks with local and international bodies and organizations to enhance the development and growth of Mbum land.




sponsored by WICUDA-USA.

  1. ii.            Full members have voting rights in all General Membership Meeting (GMM) matters, and can belong to the National Executive Committee (NEC) or other Standing and Ad hoc Committees.
  2. iii.            Associate and Affiliate members may propose and vote on projects and proposals at the committee level but may not otherwise have voting privileges at a GMM.
  3. iv.            Persons in any membership category may hold office in any committee sanctioned by the NEC.
  4. v.            Persons in any membership category may submit proposals to appropriate committees or any organ of WICUDA-USA for consideration
    1. Members shall pay a registration fee of $25. Upon payment of this fee, an individual maintains full membership for as long as they remain committed to the organization’s cause. However, if a member decides to withdraw or goes inactive without a justifiable reason for a period of one year, he/she forfeits his/her membership and will have to re-register to regain his/her membership.
    2. An application for membership shall only be processed upon receipt of the fee.
    3. All WICUDA-USA members shall pay an annual membership dues of $70 (including convention dues). Other dues may be levied to accomplish specific projects or other organizational goals. Members are encouraged to contribute additional amounts to support projects that interest them. Special contributions will be allocated to the designated fund.
    4. Registration fees and annual dues are nonrefundable. Requests for refunds or for prorating due to suspension, expulsion, or other reasons will not be honored.
  5. i.            A member who does not pay their annual dues within 90 days of the start of the fiscal year will automatically be required to pay in addition to the regular dues, a late payment fee per the following schedule:



After 90 days:           $5.00

After 5 months:        $15.00

After 7 months:        $25.00

  1. ii.            An officer (NEC or Trustee) of WICUDA-USA who is subject to removal from office as delineated in Article VI Section III (Removal of Officers) will automatically be subject to review by the Membership Committee and either the Trustees or the NEC. The review will establish if the misconduct warrants expulsion of the member from WICUDA-USA. Recommendation for expulsion by the Membership Committee and the other reviewing body will result in immediate expulsion. Furthermore, as delineated in Article II, Section VI Paragraph vi (Complaints), serious allegations of wrongdoing that meet the standard of criminal activity will be directed to civil authorities.
  2. iii.            A member whose conduct is detrimental to the spirit, goals, purpose, objectives, policies and/or rules and regulations of the organization shall be subject to disciplinary action.
  3. iv.            Upon review of the misconduct and recommendation by the Membership Committee, one of the following sanctions shall be applied by the NEC

(a) A written apology from the person or persons in question to the organization.

(b) Written warning by the Chairperson to the individual(s) concerned.

(c) Suspension of individual from WICUDA-USA activities by the National Chairperson for up to one (1), year. Suspensions must be approved by at least two-thirds of the NEC.


  1. i.            A member who resigns from the association or loses his/her membership through suspension or expulsion may pay applicable fees and reapply for membership.
  2. ii.            The Membership Committee shall consider the circumstances of the loss of good standing in WICUDA-USA and make a recommendation to the NEC within 30 days of receipt of the application.
  3. iii.            Full privileges for the membership category shall be effective following expedited administrative review.
  4. iv.            Acceptance or rejection shall be communicated by the NEC to the candidate within 30 days of receipt of the Membership Committee’s recommendation.
  5. i.            Disputes and complaints by an individual or Affiliate member shall be directed to the Advocacy Committee. The complainant is obliged to provide substantiating information to permit the committee to evaluate the merits of the complaint.
  6. ii.            The chairperson of the Advocacy Committee, in consultation with the rest of the committee members, may request additional information and make a recommendation.
  7. iii.            Recommendations on simple complaints will be directed to the NEC for redress and the complainant will be so informed.
  8. iv.            Disputes and complaints of serious allegations of wrongdoing in organization affairs or disputes between an individual or affiliate member and WICUDA-USA, its Trustees, or Officers will be directed by the Advocacy Committee to either the Trustees or the NEC following an investigation that substantiates the complaint. The Advocacy Committee shall keep the identity of the complainant in confidence. The party to whom the recommendation is directed may not include the accused. The accused will be given up to 30 days to respond.
  9. v.            Regardless as to whom the recommendation is directed, the review and response to complaints must be completed within sixty (60) days from the date the complaint was filed after appropriate examination of the merits of the complaint and good faith deliberations. The complainant shall be informed in writing of the findings and recommendations.
  10. vi.            If the complainant is not satisfied with the response/resolution, he/she may request another review provided additional information is provided.
  11. vii.            Serious allegations of malfeasance by an officer or Board Member that undermines WICUDA-USA will be punished by 1/ written reprimand, 2/ rescinding of membership privileges, and/or 3/ direction to civil authorities, as may be required for criminal activity.



The organizational structure of WICUDA-USA shall comprise the following: and the levels of structure shall be as depicted in the flow chart that is presented below

  1. The General Assembly (General Membership Meeting)
  2. The Board of Trustees
  3. The National Executive Committee.
  4. The Advocacy Committee
  5. Standing Committees
  6. Ad hoc Committees
  7. Chapters








A. General Provisions:

  1. i.            It shall be the highest organ of WICUDA-USA.
  2. ii.            The GMM shall be open to members, Wimbum persons in general, and well-wishers. All dues paying members may vote on projects under consideration. However, only Full members shall be eligible to cast a vote on other issues or run for NEC office or at-large Trusteeship.
    1. iii.            It shall meet once a year in a round-table conference or convention during the summer months (June-September) and a minimum of four (4) times by conference calls also referred to as Town Hall Meetings (THMs).
  3. iv.            The GMM shall serve as the general assembly for WICUDA-USA deliberations.
    1. v.            The General Assembly shall handle election of officials and endorse amendments to the Constitution.
    2. vi.            Extraordinary THMs or conference calls may be summoned in emergency situations.


B. Guidelines:

  1. i.            No quorum shall be required for convention deliberations to commence. However a minimum of 4 incumbent NEC members must be present as well as a plurality of the standing Committee heads.
  2. ii.            Deliberations shall begin at scheduled times unless unforeseen circumstances preclude the commencement of activities.
  3. iii.            The NEC and the Convention Committee shall establish the admission fee for the convention. The fee will be communicated to the members at least 90 days before the convention.
  4. iv.            The GMM will be conducted in such a manner that the membership will be informed and vote on officers, new members, projects, changes in Trustees, disciplinary issues, etc. in an efficient manner.
  5. v.            Decisions of the GMM shall be carried by a simple majority unless otherwise stated in this constitution (e.g. amendments to the constitution or bylaws) or the bylaws. In case of a tie, the Chairperson shall cast the deciding vote.
  6. vi.            The Publicity Secretary and the Social and Cultural Secretary will assist the Convention Committee in staging the convention in such a manner as to advance the objectives of WICUDA-USA.
  7. vii.            The President of the Board of Trustees, the Treasurer, and the President of the Advocacy Committee shall present oral reports at the GMM.
  8. viii.            The General Secretary and the Board of Trustees shall certify the Treasurer’s report prior to presentation at the GMM.
  9. ix.            The Cultural and Social Secretary shall be the Master of Ceremony at the GMM.
  10. x.            The Publicity Secretary, Nominations and Election Committee, Membership Committee, and Constitution Committee shall disseminate a newsletter to the membership at least 30 days prior to the GMM. The special newsletter shall provide a list of persons running for office, pertinent information on the candidates, summary of proposed changes to the constitution or by-laws, summary of proposed projects, and other data that will permit the membership to participate in an informed manner at the convention.
  11. xi.            The GMM shall approve major decisions taken by the BOT with regards to discipline to NEC and other committee members.
  12. xii.            The GMM shall have the prerogative to pass a vote of no confidence to any member of the BOT/NEC and other committees.
  13. i.            The Board of Trustees shall comprise the Chairperson and Secretary General of the Organization plus FIVE (5) other members whom shall be at-large members two of whom shall be elected from among full members at a GMM and three others appointed by the NEC and confirmed by the GMM or THM.
  14. ii.            The NEC chairperson may appoint Trustees following consultation and approval by the majority of the NEC.
  15. iii.            At all times, there will be an odd number of Trustees, as all decisions of the Board will be determined by a simple majority, provided that all members have been informed in advance, given an opportunity to participate, and a quorum (half + 1) of the sitting members are present. Voting in absentia is permitted and constitutes participation.
  16. iv.            The BOT will elect a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson who shall not be members of the NEC. The Secretary General of the Organization shall be the Secretary of the BOT


A. Composition

B. Terms

The non-NEC members of the BOT shall serve in this capacity for a term of 3 years renewable once.

C. Selection of non-NEC members of the Board of Trustees

  1. i.            They shall be selected from within the existing membership of WICUDA-USA.
  2. ii.            The GMM will be provided an opportunity to confirm appointed Trustees at the GMM or THM following the member’s appointment.
  3. iii.            The Chairperson/NEC shall identify potential Trustees with the following considerations in mind:
    1. special expertise that will benefit WICUDA-USA or the Wimbum
    2. temperament
    3. interest in the Wimbum or Mbum
    4. availability to fulfill the requirements of the position
    5. Skill sets (development, legal, accounting, etc) and representation (membership categories, geography, gender, age, etc) needed in the good governance of WICUDA-USA.

D. Duties

The BOT shall:

  1. i.            Be responsible for the general well-being of WICUDA-USA
  2. ii.            Ensure that the organization is not derailed from its defined goals and general mission
  3. iii.            Safeguard the constitution and by-laws of WICUDA-USA
  4. iv.            Indorse all major innovations and  recommend changes in the constitution or by-laws of WICUDA-USA
  5. v.            Adjudicate, mediate, and resolve major personal and official disputes within WICUDA-USA.
  6. vi.            Recommend removal from office of NEC or Committee members.
  7. vii.            Execute removal of NEC officers and committee members from office with the approval of the GMM
  8. viii.            Convene teleconference, Internet or other meetings a minimum of 2 times a year.
  9. ix.            Keep a record of its meeting agendas and deliberations.
  10. x.            Present a report at the GMM.


The National Executive Committee (NEC) shall formulate and execute general policies of the organization. The NEC shall also coordinate the day-to-day running of WICUDA-USA business. All decisions taken by the NEC shall be binding unless overruled by the General Membership Meeting (GMM) or the Town Hall Meeting (THM).

A. Composition of the NEC

  1. i.            Chairperson,
  2. ii.            Vice chairperson
  3. iii.            Secretary General
  4. iv.            Assistant Secretary General
  5. v.            Treasurer
  6. vi.            Publicity secretary
  7. vii.            Social and Cultural secretary.
  8. viii.            Financial Secretary

B. Functions of the NEC

  1. i.            The NEC shall execute the decisions of the GMM. It shall also ensure that the policies of the association are implemented.
  2. ii.            The NEC shall seek and appoint other members of the Board of Trustees of the organization from members of WICUDA-USA and other persons who may advance the goals of the organization. The Appointees will have to be confirmed by the GMM or the Town Hall Meeting (THM)
  3. iii.            The NEC may engage the services of or contract with third parties for the implementation of activities agreed upon at the GMM. The NEC may not enter into any agreement that financially obligates the membership without prior authorization of the GMM.
  4. iv.            The NEC shall be responsible for presenting a budget to the GMM for approval.
  5. v.            A member of the NEC will belong to standing and ad hoc Committees of the organization, unless otherwise stated in the constitution (Article VI Section IV Al Advocacy Committee) and will report on the activities of the committee to the NEC in conjunction with the Chairperson of the committee.
  6. vi.            The NEC shall have the power to form ad hoc committees to conduct studies, review projects, and provide recommendations to the association.
  7. vii.            The NEC shall review standing committees for effectiveness at least every other year.

C. Vacancy in the NEC

In the event of a vacancy in the NEC because of death, resignation, suspension, expulsion or inability to serve, the chairperson shall appoint an interim successor within thirty (30) days.

  1. i.            The chairperson shall, within ninety (90) days, present a permanent choice to fill the vacant position. The individual must meet all conditions stipulated in Article V Section I ii (Elections).
  2. ii.            The vice-chairperson will succeed the chairperson were the chairperson unable to fulfill his/her responsibility. The Trustees shall within ninety (90) days, present a permanent choice for vice chairperson. The individual must meet all conditions stipulated in Article V Section I ii (Elections).
  3. iii.            In the event of a vacancy in the NEC because the member has another position within the organization as a result of election or appointment, the Trustees shall appoint an interim replacement within thirty (30) days
  4. iv.            The Trustees shall, within ninety (90) days, present a permanent choice to fill the vacant position. The individual must meet all conditions stipulated in Article V Section I ii (Elections).
  5. v.            Two-thirds of the NEC must approve a permanent appointee
  6. vi.            The position will be contested with the appropriate slate at the GMM

D. NEC Meetings

  1. i.            The NEC shall confer as a group on a monthly basis between General Membership Meetings to formulate strategies for executing WICUDA-USA policies, evaluate progress of Committees, discuss policy, and prepare for the next convention. At least one meeting shall be a round-table conference. Other meetings can be by telephone, the Internet, or other media.
  2. ii.            The presence of 4 of the 7 NEC members including the Chairperson or Vice Chairperson shall constitute a quorum for valid deliberation of the NEC. Except otherwise stated in the constitution, all decisions of the NEC shall be carried by a simple majority of the members present.
  3. iii.            NEC meetings shall be scheduled (with an agenda sent out to its members) at least four weeks prior to the meeting
  4. iv.            NEC meetings shall be open to all members of the NEC and non-NEC members may be invited to contribute. However, only NEC members may participate and vote in deliberations.
  5. v.            NEC members may close portions of the meetings for executive sessions when sensitive administrative matters are discussed.
  6. vi.            NEC members must participate in at least 75% of scheduled meetings per year. However a NEC member should not be absent from two consecutive meetings.


1. Chairperson

The Chairperson shall be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of WICUDA-USA, and has responsibility to supervise, and coordinate the activities of the Association, with its officers and personnel, to preside at its meetings, and, along with the Chairperson -Elect, to supervise the election of officers and board members.

He/she shall:

  1. i.            Preside at meetings of the NEC, THM, and GMM
  2. ii.            Protect and enforce the constitution.
  3. iii.            Act as liaison officer between WICUDA-USA and other organizations.
  4. iv.            Prepare and present a general policy statement on the organization’s accomplishments, setbacks and projections into the future during Annual Convention Meetings.
  5. v.            Convene emergency executive meetings, as situations dictate.
  6. vi.            Represent WICUDA-USA in public and external events.
  7. vii.            Authorizes and have cosignatory authority in financial transactions.
  8. viii.            Shall sit in the BOT to represent NEC in presenting, explaining and defending its policy options.
  9. ix.            Be an ex officio member of WICUDA-USA committees unless otherwise stated in the constitution.
  10. x.            Special Circumstances when, in the Chairpersons’ discretion, the Chairperson determines that it is necessary to make a pronouncement or declaration of policy and the circumstances do not permit a meeting or poll of the General Assembly, the Chairperson may make the pronouncement or declaration upon authorization of a majority of the NEC

2. Vice Chairperson

The Vice Chairperson of WICUDA-USA shall assist the chairperson in executing the policies/programs of WICUDA-USA. In the event of the temporary absence of the chairperson, his/her death, suspension, removal from office or inability to serve, the vice-chairperson shall perform the duties of the chairperson.

In addition, the Vice Chairperson may perform such other duties as shall from time to time be assigned to him/her by the chairperson including:

  1. i.            Represent the chairperson in his/her absence, assuming all the duties and responsibilities of the office.
  2. ii.            Coordinate the activities of the organization
  3. iii.            Advise the chairperson on key issues and participate in the formulation of annual reports.
  4. iv.            Participate in the deliberations of ad hoc committees including the Convention and Constitution Committees.
  5. v.            Maintain a strong and constant relationship with the Vice Regional Presidents so as to facilitate the flow of ideas from the grassroots to the NEC and vice versa.
  6. vi.            Have cosignatory authority in financial transactions.

3. Secretary General

The Secretary General shall be the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of WICUDA-USA. He/she shall

  1. i.            Record and take charge of all minutes of WI CUD A-USA and NEC meetings and activities.
  2. ii.            Maintain a record of attendance for all members attending WICUDA-USA and NEC activities.
  3. iii.            Be responsible for correspondences and other exchange of information (in collaboration with the Chairperson) between the NEC and other legal entities and contractors.
  4. iv.            Maintain and dispense application forms upon request to those seeking office or membership in WICUDA-USA
  5. v.            Maintain the membership list in collaboration with the treasurer.
  6. vi.            Certify the membership status of individuals or organizations seeking privileges (including running for office).
  7. vii.            Provide WICUDA-USA with internal audits of finances
  8. viii.            Keep the seal and other official instruments of  the organization
  9. ix.            Collaborate with the Publicity Secretary in the publication of a newsletter and in drafting press releases.
  10. x.            Assume responsibility for the organization in the absence of the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson
  11. xi.            Participate in deliberations of the Membership Committee.

4. Assistant Secretary General

The assistant General Secretary shall:

  1. i.            Assist the general secretary in accomplishing his/her duties and may function in their stead in any matter that calls for the participation of the General Secretary.
  2. ii.            Work with the general secretary to produce the minutes and resolutions of annual conventions within two months of each convention.
  3. iii.            Assume the duties and responsibilities of the office in the absence of the general secretary.
  4. iv.            Function as the organization’s archivist.

5. Treasurer

The Treasurer shall:

  1. i.            Be the custodian of all WICUDA-USA funds, WICUDA-USA check book and all bank statement
  2. ii.            Collect WICUDA-USA funds and/or debts
  3. iii.            Maintain a permanent bank account in the name of WI CUD A-USA.
  4. iv.            Have cosignatory authority in financial transactions.
  5. v.            Make Bank statements available for audits and as required.
  6. vi.            Participate in the deliberations of the Fundraising Committee

6. Publicity Secretary

The Publicity Secretary shall:

  1. i.            Function as the public relations officer for WICUDA-USA.
  2. ii.            Publicize WICUDA-USA activities, meetings, and cultural events to the membership
  3. iii.            Advocate for WICUDA-USA in print and other media
  4. iv.            Assist the chairperson in response to inquiries about the association.
  5. v.            Generate press releases on the association and its activities to Cameroon and international press.
  6. vi.            Work with the General Secretary to produce a WICUDA-USA newsletter that informs the membership of:

a)    births, deaths, marriages, graduations, weddings, etc., that are significant to members or to the Wimbum as a whole,

b)    events in Mbum land,

c)    the progress of WICUDA-US A’s undertakings,

d)    meeting agendas and upcoming events of interest,

e)    fiscal status of WICUDA-USA, and

f)     pending applications for membership and other matters of general interest

  1. vii.            Assist in the publication of all types of reports, register new members and manage the discussions on WICUDA-USA Listserv.
  2. viii.            Maintain an active file of news articles of interest to or about the Wimbum, its people, language, culture, etc.
  3. ix.            Participate in deliberations of the Convention Committee.

7. Social and Cultural Secretary

The Social and Cultural Secretary shall:

  1. i.            Organize all WICUDA-USA cultural events in consultation with other stakeholders.
  2. ii.            Promote the maintenance and respect of Wimbum culture and society.
  3. iii.            Arrange, coordinate and direct the social activities of WICUDA-USA at General Membership Meetings and other gatherings including fundraisers.
  4. iv.            Act as master of ceremony at General Membership Meetings and other social gatherings
  5. v.            Articulate Wimbum culture and history to interested outside groups and to Youth Members.
  6. vi.            Maintain and publicize a multimedia library in conjunction with the Assistant Secretary General and the Publicity Secretary.

8. Financial Secretary

The Financial Secretary shall:

  1. i.            Maintain proper records of all income and expenditures and provide a copy of same to the General Secretary.
  2. ii.            Provide quarterly financial statements to the NEC, Trustees, and Committees including balance sheet, income statement, report of revenues received, report of checks disbursed and accounting transactions by cost center
  3. iii.            Prepare (in collaboration with all chapters) and present the annual financial report of the organization during Annual Convention Meetings.
  4. iv.            Make all financial documents (excluding Bank statements) available for audits and as required.
  5. v.            Work with an accountant (or a tax consultant) yearly to  file the WICUDA-USA tax forms
  6. vi.            Collaborate with all registered chapters in order to send “THANK YOU” letters to all association, groups or individuals who gave charitable contributions.
  7. vii.            Inform members and donors on the importance of complying with IRS rules on charitable contributions.


  1. Every check issued by WICUDA-USA must be signed by 2 signatories.
  2. This can be any 2 of 3 designated signatories: the Chairperson. the Vice-Chairperson, and the Treasurer


  1. This organ shall exist to give advice accordingly on issues related to Wimbum culture.
  2. It shall comprise ALL traditional title holders who are paid-up members of WICUDA USA.
  3. The person with the highest traditional title shall automatically be the chair of this group. Should there be multiple people with the highest traditional title at a point in time, then the chair shall be voted from amongst this cohort.
  4. They shall meet as necessary.
  5. They shall work hand in hand with the Socio-Cultural Secretary to facilitate the implementation of the cultural objectives of WICUDA USA.


The Advocacy Committee shall:

  1. i.            Comprise at least three members elected from the GM.
  2. ii.            Exist to investigate complaints that may lead to the removal from office of members of the NEC or BOT and make recommendations to the NEC or BOT (as the case may be) for action to be taken.
  3. iii.            Be vigilant to the activities of the NEC and Trustees that may undermine the interests of the membership of WICUDA-USA
  4. iv.            Be composed of Full members.
  5. v.            Include legal counsel for WICUDA-USA if one is available
  6. vi.            Not include members of the NEC or Trustees in its deliberations.

SECTION VI: Membership Committee

The Membership committee, which shall represent the core of the growth of WICUDA-USA shall:

  1. i.            Shall maintain and update on regular basis a record of all the membership of WICUDA-USA.
  2. ii.            Constantly revised, adopt and implement strategies to increase membership within WICUDA-USA
  3. iii.            Advice the NEC on strategies which shall enhance its services to the general membership
  4. iv.            Shall assist the Treasurer in carrying out registration and accreditation during the GMM.
  5. v.            The General Secretary shall be the Chair of the Membership Committee.
  6. vi.            Present a production and assessment report at the GMM
  7. vii.            Be made up of Five members nominated and seconded at the GMM

SECTION VII: Development Committee

The Development Committee shall represent the think tank of the association in regards to its project identification and execution. In order to achieve its goals this committee shall:

  1. i.            Work with the NEC to develop the strategic development plan of WICUDA-USA
  2. ii.            Carry out annual evaluation exercises on the realization process of the strategic plan
  3. iii.            Review in a regular manner ongoing projects and report to the NEC the progress of such project.
  4. iv.            Work with sources at home to realize  a development map of Mbum
  5. v.            Collaborate with the NEC to realize project proposal and also submit such proposals to identified donor organizations or institutions.
  6. viii.            Present an activity and general assessment report in the GMM
  7. ix.            Be made up of Five members nominated and seconded at the GMM
  8. i.            Be constituted for each venue that has been identified as a site for an upcoming GMM and include WICUDA-USA members in the host city/region.
  9. ii.            Be provided with budgetary guidelines, objectives, and timelines by the NEC
  10. iii.            Work out fundraising strategies to assure the success of the GMM.
  11. iv.            Actively recruit members if need be to achieve the objectives its goals
  12. v.            Provide an update to the NEC as defined by the timeline.
  13. vi.            Provide a final report and dissolve within 60 days of the GMM
  14. i.            Assemble and disseminate relevant social and cultural information from sources both at home and abroad.
  15. ii.            Work closely with the Convention committee to build up and run the socio-cultural agenda of the GMM
  16. iii.            Identify and make recommendations to the NEC on cultural projects at home
  17. iv.            Shall be chaired by the Socio-Cultural Officer of WICUDA-USA
  18. v.            Present a report of its activities at the GMM.
  19. vi.            Be made up of Five members nominated and seconded at the GMM

SECTION VIII: Convention/Fundraising Committee

This Committee shall:

SECTION IX: Socio-Cultural Committee

This committee shall:

SECTION X: Constitution Committee

The Constitution committee shall:

  1. i.            Be constituted by the NEC between 90 and 120 days of each GMM to review and communicate to the Trustees, NEC, and GMM suggested changes to the constitution and by-laws of WICUDA-USA.
  2. ii.            A brief analysis and recommendation for adoption or rejection shall accompany the proposed changes.
  3. iii.            Include input from an officer and/or an at-large member of the Board of Trustees, the Vice-Chairperson of the NEC, and representatives from the different membership categories of WICUDA-USA.
  4. iv.            Develop and present a budget at the GMM for accomplishing its goals and objectives
  5. v.            Select a President, Vice President, and Secretary from within their ranks on a triennial basis. A committee officer may serve in one capacity for up to 2 terms.
  6. vi.            Maintain and transmit records of meetings to the NEC
  7. vii.           Present a written report at the GMM
  8. viii.            Include Five members nominated and seconded at the GMM

SECTION XI: Nominations and Elections Committee

The Nominations and Elections Committee shall:

  1. i.            Be constituted by the NEC between 120 and 150 days of each GMM to publicize the open offices, solicit candidates, vet candidates, ensure that potential candidates are certified, and communicate to the general membership pertinent election information.
  2. ii.            Include an officer and/or an at-large member of the Board of Trustees and the General Secretary or the Assistant General Secretary of WICUDA-USA.
  3. iii.            Present a comprehensive election report to the NEC on or before 90 days after the elections

SECTION XII: Ad hoc Committees

These shall:

  1. i.            Be constituted by the NEC on a need basis to address specific issues facing WICUDA-USA or the Wimbum people in general.
  2. ii.            Be provided with budgetary guidelines and objectives by the NEC.
  3. iii.            Be dissolved following the completion of assigned tasks including presentation of a written report to the NEC and Trustees.


A. General Provisions

  1. i.            The appellation for Chapters shall be WICUDA-USA XXXYYY Chapter (e.g. WICUDA-USA Dallas Chapter).
  2. ii.            Chapters shall use and follow the constitutional provisions of WICUDA-USA but shall have the prerogative to develop regional By-Laws to depict local realities. For example, a chapter may choose to have less than 8 members of its local executive board.
  3. iii.            Chapters shall be considered to be any group of at least 4Wimbum people who have decided to come together in any locality within the United States.
  4. iv.            Chapter Executive Members shall represent WICUDA-USA at local or regional levels.
  5. v.            Chapter chairpersons shall automatically be the Regional Vice Chairpersons of WICUDA-USA.
  6. vi.            The NEC of WICUDA-USA shall not interfere in the day-to-day running of local Chapters. This shall be the sole responsibility of the chapter executive committee,
  7. vii.            Chapters shall constitute the grass-root structure for membership drive and collection of registration fees for new members and annual dues for existing members.
  8. viii.            Chapters are encouraged to collect the one-time national registration fees ($25) as well as the national annual membership dues ($70) from local members.
  9. ix.            Chapters shall keep 7% of the collection as local incentive fees. Chapters should send 93%  of what they collect as well as a detailed report at least once a every quarter.
    1. x.            Chapters shall host the Annual GMM on a rotation manner and proposals for host Chapter for each year shall be decided by the NEC in consultation with Chapter representatives and presented to the GMM.
    2. xi.            The Host Chapter shall work hand in hand with the National Convention Committee and the NEC to oversee the planning and execution/realization of the Annual GMM.
    3. xii.            Except under special considerations sanctioned by the NEC, Host Chapters of the GMM shall be expected to provide entertainment (Food and Drinks).
    4. xiii.            A hosting chapter keeps 20% the profit realized at the convention during the convention (excluding online donations). If a convention runs at a loss, the National chapter will bare all the loss. The percentages would be calculated on funds actually received not on pledges which sometime go unrealized. Any cost incurred from pledges go against the convention expenses
    5. xiv.            Each Chapter shall present a report at the Annual GMM.
    6. xv.            The NEC, in consultation with the BOT, shall have the prerogative to change the Host chapter should it clearly be established that ongoing preparations in the original host chapter are failing.
    7. xvi.            Each chapter is given pages/sections on the main website to fill with their content, activity calendar etc.
    8. The national chapter shops for and manages a life Insurance scheme. There are schemes for groups that go for less than $80 per year with payouts of more than $20,000. This amount is enough to take the remains of a loved one home with minimal troubles.
    9. Chapters without 501c status need not get any. Their local fundraising checks should be made out to WICUDA-USA which will remain in the national coffers and would be disbursed directly towards their project expenses and/or relevant administrative costs. Checks will not and should not be made out from national to personal accounts or individuals at the local chapters. The local chapter and the national Financial Secretary reconcile their books as needed.



Officers of WICUDA-USA and at-large Trustees shall be elected by secret ballot at the GMM. The following provisions shall apply:

  1. i.            WICUDA-USA elections shall be held every year during the GMM.
  2. ii.            Only Full members of the association shall be eligible to run for NEC office or at-large Trustee positions.
  3. iii.            The General Secretary and Treasurer must certify candidates for eligibility.
  4. iv.            Candidates must declare their intent to run by writing to the Nomination and Election Committee at least 60 days prior to the GMM. A brief statement of goals and a résumé should accompany the letter.
  5. v.            The Publicity Secretary and the Nominations and Election Committee shall disseminate a newsletter to the membership at least 30 days prior to the GMM. The special newsletter shall provide a list of persons running for office and pertinent information on the candidates.
  6. vi.            The Nomination and Election Committee shall prepare, distribute and count the ballots. Candidates may elect to have a witness at the count.
  7. vii.            Absentee balloting is allowed provided the member who is not in attendance at the GMM requests their certified ballots and submits their vote to the Nomination and Election Committee at least one week prior to the GMM.
  8. viii.            Absentee ballots will only be opened and counted during the GMM election.
  9. ix.            Voting by Proxy will not be allowed.
  10. x.            In the event of a tie between two or more candidates, the names of the contestants will be placed in a vessel and a Youth member will be asked to select the Winner.
  11. xi.            After certification of the election by the General Secretary, all ballots will be destroyed.
  12. xii.            The terms of office of elected officials begin 30 days following the end of the GMM.
  13. xiii.            Outgoing officials shall transfer WICUDA-USA documents and other devices to the incoming officials in an orderly manner and will remain in contact to permit a smooth transition.


In the first (1st) year of operation of the organization, all positions will be filled at the GMM. At the second (2nd) GMM, all positions in slate 1 (chairperson, assistant general secretary, treasurer, social and cultural secretary) will be contested. At the third (3rd) GMM, all positions in slate 2 (vice chairperson, general secretary, financial secretary and publicity secretary) will be contested. Subsequent GMMs will maintain the alternate year election of officers so as to permit continuity in the organization’s affairs.


  1. i.            The term of office for NEC members shall be 2 years. The term of office of at-large Trustees shall be 3 years.
  2. ii.            The chairperson may not have more than 2 consecutive terms. Following 2 terms of service to WICUDA-USA, a chairperson may seek another office.
  3. i.            The Trustees and the General Secretary will ensure that an external audit of WICUDA-USA finances occurs 30-60 days prior to the end of the term of the Treasurer. A report on the findings shall be presented at the GMM.
  4. ii.            Outgoing officials shall transfer WICUDA-USA documents and other property to the incoming officials within 30 days of the GMM.
  5. iii.            Outgoing officers who delay, obstruct, or are uncooperative in handing over the association’s documents and property shall be sanctioned and may be subject to civil proceedings.
  6. iv.            Incoming Trustees and NEC officers will sign legally binding documents agreeing to maintain confidentiality of WICUDA-USA affairs and to return WICUDA-USA documents and devices a the end of their term, upon termination, or at the request of an organ (Trustees, NEC, GMM, Committees) of WI CUD A-USA.
  7. i.            WICUDA-USA shall recognize and venerate Wimbum sons and daughters whose efforts have contributed to a bright future for the Wimbum.
  8. ii.            Members of the association may propose a person for veneration. The petition must include letters of support from other members and should be directed to the Chairperson of the Nominating and Election Committee at least 120 days prior to the GMM.
  9. iii.            The NEC shall publish an official declaration that lists persons who are being venerated.
  10. iv.            The list shall be a part of the proceedings of the GMM.
  11. i.            Qualified projects for WICUDA-USA financial support shall represent a felt need in Mbum as a whole or in any of the 33 villages that comprise the Mbum tribe
  12. ii.            Projects will be reviewed by the Development Committee, NEC, and recommended projects will be presented at the GMM.
  13. iii.            Final approval of proposed projects rests with the GMM and adoption shall be by way of a simple majority vote.
  14. iv.            The NEC shall provide relevant information relating to proposed projects, including cost and funding opportunities.
  15. v.            No project shall be undertaken without prior authorization unless it is funded in the NEC operational budget presented at the GMM.
  16. vi.            Projects will be carried out to completion unless unforeseen circumstances make it impossible.
  17. vii.            The general membership will receive via newsletter, listserv, and THMs updates on the status of WICUDA-USA funded projects






Officers of WI CUD A-USA include members of the NEC and the Board of Trustees. Officers shall be subject to removal from office for failure to perform duties entrusted to them. An officer who violates any of the following will also be subject to removal from office:

  1. i.            Misappropriation or mismanagement of WICUDA-USA funds.
  2. Deliberate disregard for the organization
  3. Failure to attend meetings or to deliberate in good faith.
  4. Disruptive behavior.
  5. v.            Conspiracy against the group or failure to uphold the constitution.


The removal of an officer from office shall proceed as follows:

  1. i.            Filing of a complaint/petition by a member or committee to the Advocacy Committee. The complainant may not be anonymous. The petition must state reason(s) for removal and include supporting documents.
  2. ii.            The Advocacy Committee will investigate the matter in strict confidence and provide the accused 30 days to respond.
  3. iii.            The Advocacy Committee shall forward complaints with merit to the NEC or BOT for action. The name of the complainant may not appear on information transmitted to the NEC or Trustees.
  4. iv.            The officer may not be a member of the body to which the compliant is submitted.
  5. v.            The NEC or BOT will recommend appropriate sanctions including removal from office.
  6. vi.            The recommendation of the Trustees or NEC is binding. Recommendations for removal from office are effective immediately. A simple majority of the investigating organ is required.
    1. i.            Members are encouraged to carry at least a Life Insurance policy
    2. ii.            Members are encouraged to make a financial contribution to families that have suffered a loss or received a new-born.
    3. iii.            Births, deaths, and marriages will be reported in the organization’s newsletter and forum.



This constitution may be amended as necessary to meet the changing needs of the association.

  1. i.            Petitions for amendment shall be forwarded to the Constitution Committee and the Board of Trustees at least 90 days prior to the GMM.
  2. ii.            The Constitution Committee shall review and deliberate on the requested amendment(s). The committee shall make recommendations and distribute draft amendments to the membership prior to the GMM.
  3. iii.            Amendments to the constitution require recommendation of the changes by the BOT and the Constitution Committee, and approval by two-thirds of the Full members at the GMM.


Since the first adoption, the constitution has been amended as follows:

  1. i.            First Amendments – committee of 4.
  2. ii.            Second Amendments – committee of 2
  3. iii.            Third Amendments – committee of 3.


Here are some donations and tax considerations

  1. i.            Members and donors are responsible for the proper filing of their taxes, and for reporting of contributions made to WICUDA.
  2. ii.            When declaring their taxes the decision to  either itemize or  Standardize  deductions, is best left to members and donors ,who are strongly  advised to consult a  Tax expert  or an Accountant. Itemized is preferred, because filing standardized is more complex and needs expertise.
  3. iii.            WICUDA will not be responsible for fraudulent Tax filings by members and takes the issue very seriously; since WICUDA will provide donors and members the documents they need to assist them comply with their Tax obligations.
  4. iv.            The National Financial Secretary will be responsible for providing members, individuals and Corporation who give charitable contributions with THANK YOU letters.
  5. v.            Members who intentional file fraudulent claims should be aware that The National Financial Secretary of WICUDA will cooperate with the IRS to the full extent of the law, to make sure the association is in compliance for the purposes of maintaining the 501C status
  6. vi.            WICUDA retains the possibility to go after members to recover cost or fees, if after investigation they are found to have intentionally filed fraudulent tax claims, and were found not to be in compliance by the IRS.
  7. vii.            In cases where the fraudulent filings result in the retention of legal counsel or Tax Accountants, individuals or Corporations responsible, may be sanctioned by the organization if need be legally to recover the cost.
  8. viii.            Serious allegations of malfeasance by an officer or Board Member that undermines WICUDA-USA will be punished by 1/ written reprimand, 2/ rescinding of membership privileges, and/or 3/ direction to civil authorities, as may be required for criminal activity



First Amendment Constitution Review Committee:

On this date, Sunday August 26th 2007, the persons below having gathered to secure the future of the Wimbum, do solemnly append our signatures as a mark of testimony to the authenticity of this current document and to abide by the principles contained therein.

Patrick Tamnkang, Patience Tamfu, Prudence Tantoh, Jacob B. Samba (General Secretary)

Approved and adopted by the General Membership Meeting of ___________________, 2007.

Second Amendment Constitution Review Committee:

The persons below having been assigned to update and present the constitution of WICUDA-USA prior to the Minnesota Convention of 2009,  do solemnly append our signatures as a mark of testimony to the authenticity of this current document and to abide by the principles contained therein.

Oliver Ndimbie,  Godwin Gwei

Approved and adopted by the General Membership Meeting of August, 2009.

Third Amendment Constitution Review Committee:

The persons below having been assigned to update the constitution of WICUDA-USA with information from the Houston Committee; the BOT; the NEC and Legal Expert review report, do solemnly append our signatures as a mark of testimony to the authenticity of this current document and to abide by the principles contained therein.

Godwin Gwei, Odelia Ngala Bongmba, George Tanyi

Approved and adopted by the General Membership Meeting of May, 2013.


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