Thursday May 23, 2019________WICUDA-USA, Convention 2017: Dallas DATE: July 21-23
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thanks for the great job you people are doing out there. When shall a WICUDA cultural jamboree be organized at home.Do intend to partner with our local councils for your development aspirations?
Posted By: Budzi Amos Gwei | July 11,2012
Don't live in the USA but I think this website is a great effort by WICUDA- USA leadership. Keep it up
Posted By: Shifu Muhammadu Nfor | April 12,2012
more grease to your elbows for the commendable work you are doing. we are proud of you all.
Posted By: Gerald Barthson | January 07,2012
This is job well done. Let us begin to fill in the information. For example under the cultural page we can each write some names and give their meaning. Berinyu means thank God; Lorater means take it easy etc.
Posted By: Esther Shei | November 27,2011
Interesting. I like the layout. Please add more items like population of wicuda usa, wimbum DV lottery winners in the usa,important dates,etc.Thank you.
Posted By: John Tanwarong | November 25,2011
Posted By: Ta-Nformi Ivo Ngala | November 22,2011
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Posted By: Oliver Tangiri | November 14,2011
I love the new look and content layout of this new great WICUDA website. Keep up with the good works-Bongabi!
Posted By: Leo Shei | November 24,2011
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