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WICUDA-DC 2013/2014 FAA Awards

WICUDA-Washington DC Metro Area has awarded scholarships to 32 deserving students currently enrolled in public secondary schools in in Donga Mantung Division. The beneficiaries are those who submitted the required documents and met the criteria [hardworking but needy] for the award.

This academic year (2013-2014) we received and processed over 60 applications from 9 different schools. The funds ($50 per student) will be paid directly into the students’ accounts at their school bursaries where further details on the allocation of the funds will also be available.

WICUDA-DC strongly advises Principals, Headmasters, and community leaders to encourage/assist students apply for the FAA awards.  The awards for next academic year will be launched no later than May 2014.

For a complete list of this year’s WICUDA-DC FAA beneficiaries, please click here


The scholarship commission greatly appreciates WICUDA-DC members and donors who launched and have continued to sustain this project for a third year in a row.  For a  complete list of a Donors for this year, Click here.


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