About Us
WICUDA-USA is a non-profit charitable

WICUDA-USA is a non-profit charitable corporation dedicated to developing Mbumland and improving the quality of life of its people through education, healthcare, community development initiatives and the promotion of Mbum cultural values including honesty, integrity, respect for each other and unity.

Vision Statement

A Mbumland where the quality of life of the people has improved through community initiatives, private enterprise, cultural development and increased access to educational opportunities and health care.

NEC Goals 2016-2017
  • Fully participate in committees,
  • Assist committees in the development of goals and objectives for 2016-2017,
  • Identify gaps in operational activities of WICUDA-USA and work with the membership to fill the gaps,
  • Increase the participation of the membership in the operation of WICUDA-USA,
  • Evaluate the successes and failures of each committee and communicate same to committees,
  • influence WICUDA-USA processes by encouraging the analysis of conventions, fund raising efforts, and other efforts for insights into how to improve future activities