New WICUDA-USA Website goes live

We are pleased to inform the wimbum community that the new website is now live.
The upgraded website which still has some pages under construction is more than just a collection of web pages. When it is all set and done, it will be the "one-stop-shop" for the wimbum man anywhere in the world. In an effort to let the website speak for itself, this write-up is intentionally meant to be brief.
We invite you to visit the Guest Book [bottom right corner] and leave your comments.
The site currently has a large collection of convention photos from 2003 to 2011.  In the next few days, we will be adding appropriate captions and descriptions to most of the photos. We invite anyone with past convention photos that they may want included to make them available and we will have them uploaded. We do have some photos of Opt 40ft-200k and Sop-Taku Disaster project [under the Projects page] and will be uploading more as well as all relevant reports soon.   A complete list of WICUDA-USA projects (past and present) is yet to be uploaded.
Website updates:
We are calling on anyone who has wimbum interests at heart to send in interesting articles for publication.   The only thing worse than no website is a stale one. All efforts have been made in designing the site such that it doesn’t end up going for weeks…and even years without being updated.
1.       The founding fathers of WICUDA-USA. Without their efforts and vision, there won’t have been an organization to create a website for.
2.       WICUDA-NEC under the current leadership of Ta Ngwang Ndzishangong for their relentless gentle reminders to the donor to get the new website ready.
3.       Ta Tamfu Muyop [Dr. Godwin Gwei] for creating the first ever website for WICUDA-USA. All the ideas from his efforts were incorporated into this project.   Some of the ideas like the wimbum calendar [which is yet to be implemented] is a must have especially for those in the diaspora.
4.       Ta Nformi, Ivo Ngala [WICUDA-Chair, 2006-2010] contributed immensely to this project by identifying and defining some of the key modules that make the new website so exceptional.  From the currency converter [so you can determine how much CFA to send home] through the Hall of Fame page to the “Guest Book”. The back and forth emails between Ta Nformi and the developers which continued throughout the work period was key to the final product, which many have described as dazzling.
5.       The entire website project [design and implementation] is a donation by Teclanet Systems LLCan IT consulting firm (owned by Oliver Tangiri) with Headquarters in Virginia-USA and branch office in Buea-Cameroon.
Oliver Tangiri for NEC, WICUDA-USA