WICUDA-Washington DC Awards scholarships to Students

WICUDA-Washington DC Metro Area has awarded scholarships to 21 wimbum students currently enrolled in public secondary schools in Donga-Mantung Division.
The beneficiaries are those who submitted the required documents and met the criteria [Intelligent but needy] for the award.
The funds[CFA 50,000 per student] will be paid directly into the students’ accounts at their school bursaries where further details on the allocation of the funds will also be available.
There will be an award ceremony at GBHS Nkambe at a date to be announced soon. We encourage all students and their sponsors to make it to the occasion.
The Washington-DC Financial Aid Awards[FAA]  for next academic year will be launched earlier than we did for this year. We hope that will give most students enough time to submit their documents to the WICUDA-DC scholarship commission.
Complete List of  Beneficiaries
Name                                                School enrolled in
Tanyu Courage Yensah                    G.B.H.S NKAMBE
Maghsi Honorine Tanto                   G.B.H.S NKAMBE
Bawe Sandra Nonkfu                        G.B.H.S NKAMBE
Biye Minette Mburu                         G.B.H.S NKAMBE
Rodrick Njong Nshukwi                    G.T.H.S NKAMBE
Kwah Blesing                                   G.T.H.S NKAMBE
Mboh Vera Mboh                             G.S.S NYANJI – NK’be
Nofur Roland Nyugap                       G.S.S NYANJI – NK’be
Eden Deh Ndunji                              G.S.S BINSHUA
Tanyu Zita Nkapyi                            G.S.S BINSHUA
Nformi Immaculate Konfake            G.S.S BINKA
Sabo Brenda Mbuli                           G.S.S BINKA
Ndukong Courage Nyah                   G.S.S BINKA
Nsame Beltine Mungo                     G.S.S TALLA
Bako Blessing                                  G.B.H.S NDU
Yila Glory Mangwan                         G.H.S NTUMBAW
Ngeh Mirabel Miaromi                     G.H.S NTUMBAW
Marian Beri Tamanda                      G.S.S MBIPLAH-NDU
Wawa Voilate Cheche                     GHS Mbu-Warr
Liboh Clifford                                   GHS Mbu-Warr
Comfort Ngankfu                              GHS Mbu-Warr
Thank You, Oliver Tangiri For WICUDA-DC Scholarship Commission.