is a non-profit organization
representing the interests
of the Mbum People of
Cameroon-West Africa
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2017-02-12 09:33:28
DV Lottery Winner Dies 10 Days After Arriving U.S.

2015-02-20 23:06:54
WICUDA-DC 2013/2014 FAA Awards

2015-02-20 23:09:12
Good Memories: Mr. Hilary Chuyeh and Dr. Simon Ngankfumbe

2015-02-20 23:06:27
WICUDA-DC 2012 Scholarship Award

2015-02-20 23:07:52
Professor Jato Passes On.

Tuesday June 18, 2019________WICUDA-USA, Convention 2017: Dallas DATE: July 21-23
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Welcome to the website of the Wimbum Cultural and Development Association in the United States of America (WICUDA-USA). WICUDA-USA is a non-governmental, non-profit organization representing the interests of the Mbum People of Cameroon, West/Central Africa.

The organization was conceived in Seatle, Washington, and launched in 2003 via a tele-conference and on the internet. It is a forum dedicated to promoting the social, educational, developmental, and cultural well-being of the Wimbum people in the Diaspora.

The Wimbum ethnic group is made up of three clans that migrated from the Congo Basin to the North West plateau of Cameroon hundreds of years ago. The website is a showcase of the history of the Wimbum People, their proud heritage, rich culture, and the activities of WICUDA-USA in the United States and in Cameroon. The medium is a one-stop shop in which you will learn about Wimbum and the activities of WICUDA-USA.

WICUDA-USA hopes that you will find the information posted here both informative and rewarding, and that you will pass the information unto others. We also hope that you will come back again and again to learn new things about us, as they are posted online.